About Us

Carmeli Clothing is here to be a haven for spoiling yourself! In today's times, we are spread so thin and don't take enough time for ourselves. Self-care can mean all types of things from that sheet mask you find at the dollar section at Target, to your monthly massage, to a gift you treat yourself with here & there.

That is what we're here to provide you with, the gift for yourself! Keep an eye out for our new arrivals. Every time we launch a collection a sale comes along with it. We believe in discounts & sales right away - not waiting until the items end up in a clearance bin. That being said, we don't even have a clearance section since it's our goal to provide you with your favorite styles everyday at a price point you feel comfortable with!

Thank you for supporting a small business!

Best Wishes,

Andrea Christina, Brand Manager of Carmeli Clothing

PS: Join The Squad our free rewards program to not only earn free clothes but to also be the first to know about our item of the day! This is a flash sale that occurs on a best selling style every day for 24 hours.