The Fall... but Florida Edit

The Fall...but Florida Edit has launched on my 26th birthday! Therefore, all pieces are $26 and include free US shipping! Needing to refresh your Fall wardrobe? This collection is Buy 3 get 1 Free!

I am so excited to have released the Pumpkin Spice, Olive You, and Chai T-Shirt Dresses as part of the collection. These are such buttery soft pieces that I just wish you could feel! They are perfect for this fall in particular as most of us are home more often than we have ever been due to the pandemic. These pieces provide the feeling of fall while also being extremely comfortable for at home use.  They are also go-to quick pieces to slip on to go get things done in! & ohhhh did I mention?! THEY HAVE POCKETS! Every dress totally levels up with pockets. Enough about these three pieces though... because there's more! 

The Manhattan Midi dress was inspired by a particular mini dress that is part of my personal collection.  I picked it up at Nordstrom in Las Vegas and it has been with me near and far; from Miami, USA to Melbourne, Australia! However, this dress is TINY af so let's just say I would have been wayyyyyy better off had this dress been a midi one. HENCE, the Manhattan Midi Dress was born! Featuring a cream color with a delicate black lace detailing and the back is just perfect with the strings. I just can't even!

Then we have the Thankful Vibes dress. If there is merely one dress out of the collection that you need, it's this one. When I slip it on it just makes me feel like that bxxxxxxxtch. It naturally is form fitting so highlights curves incredibly well.

& last but certainly not least there's the Here For it Dress which I am totally here for & the Bby Blu Dress. The Here For it Dress is an image of white lace featuring a touch of black to bring out the details. The best part of this dress is the way it ties in the back. The Bby Blu dress is a cozy soft baby blue piece featuring ruffles!

The Fall... but Florida Edit has been inspired by the charm of the feeling of fall integrated into the never-changing Florida weather.  Sure it's still quite warm in comparison to most places that are experiencing chilly weather, but that doesn't mean the feeling of fall escapes us who are in Florida! That feeling is exactly what I am bringing to life with this editorial. I hope you enjoy it as I much as I have loved putting it together!

Thank you in advance for shopping small this fall!

xoxo, Andrea Christina